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At HOMEMASTERS, we offer a complete line of gutters, downspouts, and gutter covers roofing services to safeguard your home against the elements. You can trust our team of skilled and experienced gutter replacement installers to work on your home with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our installers are fully trained and equipped to handle all your gutter and roofing needs.

HOMEMASTERS is the leading provider of gutter installation services in the Salem area, delivering exceptional quality and expertise. With almost three decades of experience in the industry, we have earned a reputation for delivering outstanding service and have gained countless satisfied customers. Our long-standing commitment to excellence is evident in every job we do.

We offer many gutter services including Gutter Cleaning as well as Gutter Guard Installation.

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Gutter Services We Offer in Salem

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Gutter Replacement

Replacing gutters can be a challenging and hazardous job. It may be necessary to replace your gutters if the gutters have become damaged, have been installed improperly, are no longer functioning effectively

Gutter Cleaning

Maintaining clean gutters is important because dirty gutters can result in water damage to your home, can attract pests, and block the gutters from effectively directing rainwater away from your home.

Gutter Maintenance

It's important to routinely clean, inspect, and repair your gutters to ensure that the gutters are functioning properly, free of blockages, and free of damage. This can help to prevent costly water damage to your foundation, walls, roof and basement.

Part of gutter maintenance is cleaning out leaves and debris, fixing leaks, checking for proper slope, and making any necessary repairs.

Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter guards, commonly referred to as gutter covers or protection systems, help to keep gutters free of debris. This can minimize the frequency of gutter cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, gutter guards can prevent water damage to the building's foundation and walls by effectively directing water away from the structure.

Gutter Inspection and Repair

Salem HOMEMASTERS offers services to repair or replace any aspect of your gutter system, whether it's fixing a minor leak in a seam or replacing the entire gutter system.

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Industry-Leading warranties

As a certified installer, HOMEMASTERS is able to offer our customers a Lifetime Warranty on all Gutter Guard systems.

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Financing Available

At HOMEMASTERS we understand the financial hardship the recent Coronavirus Pandemic has caused our individuals and businesses. This is why we are happy to announce 0% interest and no payments for 12 months for those who qualify.

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Signs you may need New Gutters

We have very harsh weather in Salem. Here are some signs that point to needing your gutters replaced.

Gutters are sagging or pulling away from the house

Sagging gutters indicate that the gutters are not properly supported or were installed incorrectly. The hangers or brackets responsible for keeping the gutters in place could have become corroded or loosen over time.

Gutters that Constantly Clog or Overflow

If you're experiencing persistent clogging or overflowing of your gutters, it could indicate that your gutters or downspouts are too small for the amount of rainfall experienced in Salem.

Water Damage or Staining on the Walls or Foundation

Water stains on the walls or foundation indicate that they are being subjected to constant moisture. One of the primary causes of excessive moisture on the exterior of a home is damaged or leaky gutters.

Visible Rust, Corrosion or Cracking

Signs of corrosion, rust, and cracks in your gutters are clear indications of potential problems with your current gutter system. Although small cracks may seem insignificant, they can rapidly worsen and result in expensive damage. Our gutter experts at Salem HOMEMASTERS can offer a free evaluation, including options for patching small cracks. Don't hesitate, Contact US today!

Standing Water

The presence of standing water near your house may indicate that your gutters are not functioning properly. This standing water can cause serious foundation problems and should be addressed as soon as possible.

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